We are developing a range of gaming hardware products to enhance the gaming experience for the casual gamer.  From Sim to VR/AR games and experiences we are working on a range of products to make your experience so much more immersive!!

We are actively looking for support and investment! 

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Transform your gaming experience

The LD10 enables you to use your gaming wheel or flight controls anywhere you want to!

The neat design enables you to game for hours then just tuck it out the way when your done. No bulky frame!

Vamtor with VR

Even with your VR!

Gaming on Couch

Game on your couch then just tuck it away when your done.

Compatible with 99% of Wheels and Gear Sticks!

Amazing Comments and Reviews!

Farm Sim Square

Farming Simulator Fans, Vamtor is compatible with Saitek Farming Sim controls!

PRO Flight Yoke System square

For flight gaming fan the LD10 is Yoke System X-55 controlers Square

and X-55 and X-56 flight controls with pre-drilled holes provided in the top deck.

I was really impressed with the way I could game for hours without knowing that it was on my lap, I thought other gamers must also want a product which is compact and a lot cheaper than other options.

You would like one? Coming soon please follow on Facebook for updates

The response from other gamers has been amazing so now I’m seeking investment, if you would like to help me bring vamtor to life please contact me at Contact@

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